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Second. These general conditions regulate the access and use of the Web site that El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan gratuitously makes available of the users of Internet. The access to the same one implies its acceptance without reserves. The use of certain services offered in this site will be governed in addition by the anticipated particular conditions in each case, which will be understood accepted by the mere use of such services.

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1) That is compatible with the aims of the Web

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4) Which no graph, icon or image available in this Web are used, copied or distributed separately of the text or rest of images that accompany it.

Fourth. El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan reserves the faculty to carry out, at any time and with no need of previous warning, modifications and updates of the information contained in its Web, of the configuration and presentation of this one and of the conditions of access.

Fifth. El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan does not guarantee the nonexistence of interruptions or errors in the access to the Web, in its content, nor that this one is updated, although will develop its better efforts for, in its case, to avoid them, to correct them or to update them.

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Seventh. El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan assumes responsibility some derived from the concession or contents of the connections of third a those that make reference in the Web, neither guarantees the absence of virus or other elements in such that can produce alterations in the computer science system (hardware and software), documents or the files of the user, excluding any responsibility by the damages of any class caused to the user for this reason.

Eighth. El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan is holder of the rights of industrial property referred to its products and services, and specifically of relative to the registered tradename El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan With respect to the product appointments and services of the third El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan it recognizes in favor of his holders the corresponding rights of industrial and intellectual property, not implying his single mention or appearance in the Web the existence of rights or responsibility some of El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan on such, like either endorsement, sponsorship, recommendation on the part of El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan .

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With previous character, it is shown that stops the access to certain information and content, the User will have previously to discharge from the hospital like so in the place destined to the effect by El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan For this reason, when existing a personal data processing, El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan has elaborated the present note with the intention of informing to the Users into its rights and obligations.

El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan titular organization of the dominion “”, is a totally concienciada society with the treatment of the personal data and the responsibilities that it at any moment entails reason by which the use that will do at any moment of the data personal, it will be I bid and allowed by the User.

El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan informs to its Users who the discharge or subscription to certain services of its page Web is free and voluntary. For this subscription, El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan requires that a form fills up where certain personal data of the Users will have to be introduced.

These personal data will be treated confidential and informatizadamente by qualified personnel of El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan and his access it will be restricted with the exception of those who by virtue of its position had to accede to this information.

The successfully obtained data of the own Users will be introduced in automated Base de Datos, property of El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan , that is equipped with safety measures, by virtue of the successfully obtained data. The persecuted aim is to guarantee the security of the personal data and to avoid of this form its alteration, manipulation, loss, treatment or nonauthorized access, been account of the state of the technology.

This file or data base totally is identified and enrolled in the Agency of Protection of Data, being guaranteed at any moment that the asked for data are adapted, pertinent and nonexcessive for the use for which they have been successfully obtained.

The fields that compose the form of inscription or discharge, could be of obligatory or facultative character. El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan does not impose at any moment to the User the obligation for filling up certain fields that are not excellent, but solicits are filled up other fields that are necessary for their management and treatment as well as for the shipment of or or asked for product. Also one inquires that from not filling up the fields considered like obligatory, it will not be come to his registry not enjoying therefore the condition of Registered User.

The collection and treatment of the Personal Data of the own Users have like main target the maintenance of the contractual relation as well as the management, administration, benefit of the service at issue with the purpose at any moment of reporting to the User the information by asked for him.

In the occasion of this benefit, El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan considers necessary to ask for the consent of the User for the shipment of as much electronic information as by traditional means of information by required him of technical information, commercial of new products, product updates or services as well as any other than was considered pertinent on the part of El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan .

El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan acquires the commitment in the measurement of its possibilities, to have updated and put to the day the successfully obtained information of the own Users. On the other hand El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan will not respond of the veracity of the personal data provided being the own User to its only person in charge. If it will enjoy the faculty to verify them when therefore it considered it opportune.

El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan informs to the Users the possibility if therefore they wish it, of acceding, of rectifying, of cancelling and in its case of being against to the personal data that were in being able of El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan .

In accordance with the arranged thing in the privacy policy of El Ayuntamiento de Muelas del Pan , it is pointed out that any person will be able to exercise her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and in her case, opposition by means of the shipment of an email to the direction.

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