El Sofreral de Cerezal

In the town have to stop in the Fuente de Abajo, la Church de San Justo and San Pastor, more ahead, the old Colt to shoe, next to the morera centennial. For the old one on the way to Villaflor, we leave the last houses, The sofrero (cork oak), in strange and rough ways, extends for good part of our path, introducing to us in an enigmatic forest, full with whispers accomplices.
We crossed, stream of the Prey, by “La Puente”, simple and practical granite bridge, and ascend to the Fuente del Caño, untiring spring of thanked of waters. In the final part of our route, we found a relic anthropological, of high human meaning: the Calvario, witness of the pain and the joy the man.
plano ruta del sofreral

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